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Financial Services

Because the overarching mission of our practice is to create and maintain Generational Wealth, our strategies employ many basic, traditional concepts, but appreciate the individual footprints which legacy planning involve and utilize an intuitive planning mechanism to achieve this. We achieve this through five systematic areas.

1) Savings
This is the most fundamental yet often times the most overlooked by the new age financial advisor looking for the quick sale. Saving, in its purest and undefined state is the foundation upon which life-dreams are built.

2) Income Protection
The most traditional forms of financial protection is Life Insurance. Modern forms of this instrument also provide benefits whist the insured is ALIVE. These two forms of protection are without doubt the first layer on a fortified foundation of savings and places a shield around the income earner’s future ability to earn.

3) Educational Planning
“Children are 25% of the present, but 100% of the future.” – Leroy Shuffler

On this premise, developing our future generation is essential to the progress of any family unit and this is microcosmic of the wider society. This is why at PWIBL we see empowering our kids by providing adequate financing to their educational needs as primary in bridging gaps which may occur in the generational wealth transmission. This can also allow for the creation of New Generational Wealth effectively breaking the shackles of poverty which may have been passed on from generations.

This is crucially important so we give it a category all of its own.

4) Retirement Planning
The global population is experiencing a phenomenon that is unprecedented in modern civilization. The word is ageing more rapidly and constantly than ever before. This is placing extreme pressure on statutory in many countries along socio-economic lines. Simply put, the longer people live, after they retire the emptier their pockets will get. For many they quite likely will NEVER RETIRE. Resultantly, poverty will inextricably increase.

With this in mind, retirement is given a particular focus at PWIBL as it is actuarially proven globally that conventional statutory systems are doomed to failure as this ageing dynamic persists.

5) The Givens
The proliferation of individuals protecting their automobiles and property and companies protecting their hard assets such as plant and machinery and employees for damage on the job (to name a few) are more commonly placed and demanded.

In keeping with our thrust to provide a comprehensive financial portfolio, we also provide property and casualty insurance for vehicle, home and all classes of business protection.