Ellis General Contractors Ltd

Over the last five years Ellis General Contractors Limited has evolved into a multi-faceted sophisticated successful company.  Ellis General has further spawned a group of ventures with a diverse activities portfolio: Pipe and Structural Rigging, Design and Installation of water Reticulation Systems, Scaffolding Erecting and Inspection, Construction and Property Maintenance to name a few.

The company is staffed with a cadre of experienced and efficient professionals in their respective fields. Our team is capable of mobilising resources in quick time with little notice. Our 24 Hour Service allows us to meet our Customers’ requirements and deadlines in the shortest possible time frame.  The company is unique in its resource base, with in-house capabilities for all spheres of its competencies.

We are project-oriented and customer-driven.  Quality and HSE along with teamwork and innovation are fundamental pillars of our company’s culture.  These attributes and resources strategically place Ellis General in an advantageous position to compete and succeed in the local, regional and even international contracting arena.  As a result of the aforementioned, these synergies we create with our customers’ fuel their strategic growth by providing cost effective solutions that prove invaluable.

To become a premier international provider of engineering, construction and water reticulation services and their related fields.

To provide all our customers with cost effective, reliable and efficient solutions in all spheres of our business and be recognized as leaders in the delivery of excellent service.

To bring growth and development to all our stakeholders and the society at large by adding significant value through the services we specialize in.

Ellis General Contractors Limited is adept at handling a wide range of services as outlined above.  This is as a direct result of our Core Values which focus heavily on the essential role of our people resource and on the indispensable function of “Bringing Excellence to Service”.  The following is just some of the reasons we are who we are and why we deliver what we promise:

  • Highly experienced Management Team and Professionals in their respective disciplines
  • Customer Service driven
  • HSE and OSHA Certified Personnel
  • 24 Hour Call-Out Service
  • Multitude of Complementary Services offered
  • Expertise in Caribbean Markets and Culture

Pipe & Structural Rigging Services

  • Pipe repairs
  • Road Restoration
  • Design and Installation of Water and Waste Water Reticulation Systems
  • Welding and Fabricating Services
  • Construction, Plumbing & Electrical Services
  • Scaffolding building and Inspection Services
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Property Maintenance
  • General Contractor Services

The complex nature of projects today needs effective management systems to ensure completion of projects safely on time and within the budget. A professional approach relying on IT based systems in which the company’s cumulative knowledge-base is vested, ensures the well-being of the project from estimation stage up to completion on ground.

Our Project Manager is a seasoned professional who recognize the challenges and dynamics associated with complex projects and has proven capabilities in executing fast-track projects.

Our concept of Project Management Systems is as follows:

  • To have a conducive environment to fully utilize IT power
  • To develop ability to anticipate and react to the changing business needs, to remain on schedule and within the budgeted costs
  • To facilitate end-point decision-making as well as effective monitoring at required levels
  • To ensure that plans are revised instantaneously and actions are taken on time
  • To assimilate the company’s business knowledge so that a generalist should be able to perform as an expert
  • Data validation and control functions are performed within the System while information is processed.